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For the statistical analysis, a test of means was created to observe the behavior of the variables studied.  Using the pre and post-program scores on each of the indicators in both groups, a variable called “change” was created.  This indicator reflects the variability of the scores in terms of an increase or a decrease on the observed instruments for the control group and the treatment group. The average of each group has a confidence interval of 95% that indicates the variability of the data on each instrument measured by group.

The control group had a slight increase in average scores on the perceived stress scale, while the treatment group showed diminished scores on the stress scale.
Both groups had a reduction on their scores on the anxiety scale, though the reduction was much more for the program’s treatment group.
The graph shows that both groups increased their average scores on the self-care scale, though the increase for the treatment group was much more than the control group’s increase.
The control group had a reduction in the language test scores, while the treatment group showed an increase on this score.
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